hardlightErnie Vecchione (/vek-ee-ohn/) is an award-winning screenwriter, producer and author.

Born in Philadelphia, Ernie won the Set in Philadelphia Screenwriting Competition at age 25. Since then, he has written for Miramax and HBO Films.

His first work as a producer was SEX ED: THE SERIES, for which was writer and creator. The show was nominated for a Webby Award for Best Drama and a Streamy Award for Best Actress (Joanna Cassidy). In 2009, it was an Official Selection of the Los Angeles Independent Television Festival. The following year, the show was selected by TV Guide Magazine as What’s Worth Watching. Its YouTube channel garnered over 100 million views internationally.

As a novelist, Ernie is the author of the horror novels DEVIL’S CATCH and the upcoming THE AMISH GIRL.

His first blog, Not Another Screenwriting Blog!, interspersed writing advice with his Hollywood misadventures shopping SEX ED.

Ernie also has a Facebook page and can be followed on Twitter for news and updates.

He is proud of his Italian and Argentinean heritage.

He currently resides in Burbank, CA.


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