Aug 31


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I couldn’t be more pleased to discover this article by the friendly folk at Booknook.biz. Read the full article HERE.

The article is so thorough, going through each element of design and evaluating it, that I feel I’d passed a final exam! All I can add is this: from my perspective, a great book grabs the eye and doesn’t let go. Everything else – info on the story, taglines, etc – can be secondary, or put on the back cover. The goal is to get someone to click or pick up your book to find out more. I’m pleased to find out it’s working.

Big thanks to Cintia Gonzalvez for the art and Philip Anderson for the design, and a huge debt of gratitude to Kimberly Hitchens and all the great people at her company, Booknook.biz.

FYI: I use Booknook.biz. They’re a great conversion company for eBooks: I found them to be professional, friendly, current; they make your book look great. No exchange of any kind was made between us for their article. They just thought the cover was rad. I do too.

Don’t believe me? Pick up a copy on print or Kindle to judge for yourself!

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