Feb 17


addtext_com_MTc1NjAwNjc4NzII will admit it. I read every single comment. Even the spam. And there is a LOT of spam. Why? Well, I like spam. Also, I want to see what people are thinking and reacting to.

When I first uploaded the YouTube videos a few years ago, I fully expected to get blasted by trolls who would expose every single flaw and blemish of the show and who would not see the intent behind it.

Strangely enough, that did not happen. People got it. Sure, people did not get everything (yes, the black guy is in fact cutting himself), but they started commenting and, in some cases, debating (did the teacher really have cancer? What is the difference between the body and the soul? How much juice is in that juice box really?). As a creator, I could not have asked for a better or more favorable response.

I also realized I had to make more episodes. Pronto. (More on that later)

Let me share some comments that made me do a double-take.

At first, we got a lot of these:

Picture 2

Picture 4Picture 22 Picture 62  Then there followed a lot of these. Of course, they are only joking (…… I hope……):

Picture 5Picture 8Picture 9Picture 13

Some got into the show right from the beginning:

Picture 11Picture 6Picture 16Picture 26

Some got in trouble for watching the first episode (sorry for all the masturbating teenagers, Morgan):

Picture 23

Others criticized (sarcastically?):

Picture 15Picture 22Picture 18Picture 19

Some came to our defense:

Picture 21Picture 33

Picture 34Picture 35

Viewers really started getting into the show:

Picssexture 12Pictssexure 11Picture 57Picture 59

Those who got to the end of the series typed a lot of these:
Picture 52

Picture 54

And there is this:

Picture 63