Sep 18


1404788_376242172511998_558028984_oCan you smell it? That wafting scent of self-aggrandizement mixed with a little commerce?

Hi. I’m Ernie. I write horror. I write funny stuff too. Sometimes I produce stuff.

For example, I wrote and produced SEX ED: THE SERIES, a television pilot that went straight-to-Youtube and garnered over 40 million views.

I have two new books coming out, DEVIL’S CATCH and THE AMISH GIRL, with three more on the horizon. And having seen what’s coming over the horizon, I got to tell you, I’m scared half to death.

So pull up your Kindle and sit a spell and I promise I’ll answer all of your questions. Such as:

– who is THE AMISH GIRL?

– what exactly is a DEVILS CATCH?

– where the hell is Episode 7 of SEX ED: THE SERIES?

Along the way, you’ll read about the true things I discover.

People say my stuff is good. One day I hope to be excellent. That day may be coming any second.